10 Seater MTV Detailed Description
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10 Seater Mobile Toilet Van
We are providing our toilet services in all over India. These portable toilets are most appreciated for its hygienic features. 10 Seater Mobile Toilet Van are avaliable for both ladies and gents. Whole segment is divided into two parts (Five are both side). Any types of user can be use this toilet very softly because all needs of toilet is avaliable inside this MTV. We have a set of luxury toilet for diplomat. You can feel like your home toilet by using this mobile toilet. This toilet offers you both western and Indian style toilet with all sufficient facilities. We are designing these toilet with great look, hygiene system and environmental balance. This Mobile Toilet Van comes in three flavour.

1. 10 Seater Ginee Supreme
2. 10 Seater Ginee Deluxe
3. 10 Seater Ginee Prime

All the specifications of these three Mobile Toilet Van are same but the main difference between these are in its fibre materials and the tank used in these Mobile Toilet Van.

Note :- All types of Mobile Toilet Vans can be customized according to your requirement. We are ready to build your dream toilet.

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Technical Specification

Perticular 10 Seater Mobile Toilet Van
Lenght(Mts) 5.68
Height(Mts) 3.15
breadth(Mts) 2.65
Cubical Height(Inclined)(Mts) 2.13/1.98
Cubical Size(Mts) 0.850X0.905
Sludge Tank Ltr(Approx.) 2000
Water Tank Ltr(Approx.) 1000
Door/s(Mts) 1.83X0.61

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